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EPN joins the Facebook's 1st Community Accelerator Program

EPN joins the Facebook's 1st Community Accelerator Program

Facebook has announced today that the EPN has joined the 2020 cycle of the Community Accelerator program, a six-months program designed to help community leaders quickly and strategically achieve their growth goals. 16 months in; EPN grew to become a vital and interactive space for professional minds to meet, share, collaborate and support each other, it has also become more than an “Egyptian” Group. 

Within less than two years, the community has quickly grew to become a safe and trusted space for members (dubbed EPNers) to create new, meaningful connections and make a positive impact on each other’s professional lives through collaboration, knowledge sharing, peer-to-peer support and building new partnerships.

Mona El-Kheshen, EPN Founder explains “The group began as a Facebook group in March 2019 with the vision of creating a safe, trusted and collaborative community that connects success driven Egyptian professionals, regardless of where they live in the world or what profession they are in. We believe that bringing together the best of Egyptian talent in one community, unlocks limitless opportunities for growth for all our members, both on the personal and professional levels. Through EPN, we aim to celebrate and showcase Egyptian success, and nurture and empower Egyptian talent to achieve their full potential. 

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